Multi Compressor Chillers

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Multi Compressor Chillers
Multi Compressor Chillers

Multi Compressor Chiller contains number of compressors & variable speed drive for smooth functioning. It is used in various industries for chilling purposes like pharmaceutical, chemical, soap, food processing, beverage and many more. This Multi Compressor Chiller is manufactured by our experts by making use of the finest quality components and modern technology at our high-end production unit.

Scroll compressors perform at higher efficiency levels than reciprocating compressors. The compressors operate without cylinders, pistons or valves so it offers:

Inside the scroll compressor, two spiral-shaped members fit together forming crescent shaped gas pockets. One member remains stationary while the other orbits relative to first. This movement draws gas into the outer pocket and seals off an open passage. As the spiral movement continues, gas is forced toward the center of the scroll design, creating increasingly higher gas pressures.

With several pockets of gas simultaneously compressing, you receive a nearly continuous compression cycle. Gas discharges from a port at the center of the fixed scroll member. With both radial and axial compliance, the scroll members wear in rather than wear out.

Salient Features

  • ● Robust construction
  • ● High durability
  • ● Superior performance
  • ● Energy efficiency
  • ● Low maintenance and high reliability
  • ● Low noise and vibration level
  • ● Low space requirements
  • ● Relatively low weight