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Engineering Solutions Offer You That The Best Tower Design National is a very fast growing and diversified manufacturing and marketing group dealing with hi - tech engineering products lines.

National Cooling Towers enjoys a significant presence in Cooling Towers industry. We have supplied our Cooling Towers to nearly 5000 Organizations from medium size units to corporate companies.

We have developed an innovative range of products that cater to the needs of high profile industry demanding the best. They are

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.
  • Cement Industry
  • Petro Chemicals.
  • Plastic Processing Unit.
  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals.
  • Engineering & Hotel.
  • Fertilzers.
  • Paper & Textiles.

Our product is the complete solution to process water-cooling by way of designing of cooling towers as per your needs in the following range. We design the FRP Induced Draft and Timber Cooling Towers considering the Indian climatic condition using ulkersons Method and CTI Acceptance Test Code for calculating air horse power require and dimensional sizing format to dissipate heat load (kcal) generated in the Cooling Towers.

Product Range Per Cell Capacity
FRP Induced Draught Cooling Towers 03 to 1000 TR
Timber Cross Flow & Counter Flow Cooling Towers 25 TR and Above
RCC Mechanical & Hyperbolic Cooling Towers 1000m3 / hr and Above
Air Cooled Chilling Plants 01 TR To 50 TR
Water Cooled Chilling Plants 03 TR TO 350 TR
Oil Chillers 01 TR TO 50 TR
Air Blast Coolers 5 KW Upwards

Major Products Benefits

● Corrosion Resistance
● Light weight
● Consistence of Structural

● Environmentally Safe
● Ease of Maintenance
● Revolutionary fills material

● Non Conductivity
● Modular Evaporation Panel
● Low life cycle cost