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Design Design & Engineering

We employ software design programs and CAD techniques in our engineering to provide solutions to meet individual needs. Our technical design ability is kept right on the cutting edge not only with ongoing programs of research & development, but also with continuous evaluation of new design concepts and materials.

All systems are custom designed and built to the individual customer and not fitted with off the shelf standard equipment. Custom engineering also allows the utilization of existing equipment where necessary and feasible. A lower initial cost can be realized and an increase in existing system performance achieved without the full cost of new equipment.

Complimenting our mechanical engineering, an electrical engineering department, specializing in industrial controls, provides a means to produce an electrical package that meets the requirements of each application. For processes where tighter tolerances or increased control is needed, microprocessor based control systems are available.

Quality Quality Control

High level of quality control is a product of in house manufacturing. Process Cooling Systems maintains two of their own manufacturing facilities specializing in cooling system equipment. All components are designed and built with reliability, ease of service, and overall long term operation in mind.

All projects, large or small, get the required amount of attention and detail to ensure a quality product is supplied.

We carry out inspection of tower components and part according to our QC program as per CTI ISO 9001:2015 and CE procedures. Tower materials such as steel, fiberglass and plastics will be inspected as per our quality control procedure. Equipment such as fan assembly, gearbox, motor and drive shaft will be tested jointly with the manufacturer of each equipment. We assure that items supplied are in conformance to our engineering standards and contract requirements.

Raw materials Raw materials

To maintain the highest quality ,we are always using branded Raw materials that have the appropriate properties and high quality are attractive – and a necessity to ensure that the end product maintains a high standard and is suitable for its purpose. Purchase form our prime suppliers like Emerson, Crompton Greaves, Cope land etc

Field Erection Field Erection

Our erection crews are well-trained and have sufficient knowledge and skills to undertake erection contracts with full confidence. Prior to physical erection work we will pay special attention to the erection schedule and establish a critical path. Our supervisor will also identify all customer requirements related to application area and safely. Our expertise will survey the availability of staging space, equipment availability, manpower strengths and skill level, as well as factors such as prevailing weather conditions which may affect the erection methods and scheduling.

Tower InspectionTower Inspection & Upgrading

We provide cooling tower inspection to investigate and analyze your existing tower conditions. Our experienced engineer will report to you the overall physical appearance, current level of thermal operation, structural condition, mechanical equipment status and upgrading potential after each inspection.

We apply modern upgrading or retrofitting techniques to maximize the performance of your cooling tower. Our approach involves a step-by-step investigation; namely, pre-testing of the tower-physical inspection-analysis engineering- fabrication-construction and post-testing to determine the degree of improvement achieved. National Cooling Towers can often upgrade an existing cooling tower to enhance the unit’s capacity and/or efficiency. This can include new or enhanced fill material, variations in spray nozzles and patterns, motor and drive assembly upgrades, or even add additional cells on an existing layout.

Utilizing our thermal ratings we can evaluate your towers performance and make recommendations to optimize operational efficiency.

Typical Inspection Items :
• Structural frame work & Assembly Evaluation
• Thermal Efficiency
• Distribution System
• Mechanical Equipment
• Heat Exchange Media
• Vibration Analysis & Machine Health


National Cooling Towers provides maintenance programs for your cooling tower to allow owners, managers, and operators the peace of mind of having cooling tower specialists maintain their cooling towers or closed circuit fluid coolers, allowing their personnel to dedicate time to other pressing matters.

Total or partial maintenance packages are offered. Packages can include the following features :
• 365 days a year on call emergency standby.
• Cleaning of cooling towers, including basins and sumps, either semi-annually or yearly.
• Maintenance and lubrication of drive assemblies, whether greasing belt drive fans or gear
• Monitoring oil seals for leaking oil.
• Verify and maintain proper drive assembly alignment and operation.
• Monitor towers, including cold water basins, for leaks.
• Monitor chemical water treatment parameters – verify third party chemical water treatment systems are within manufacturer’s guidelines and verify an owner is receiving the services paid for.
• Up gradation of cooling tower availability.
• Other routine maintenance as required by individual cooling manufacturers’ specifications and individual owners’ requirements.