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Brine Chilling Plants

National Cooling Towers make Brine Chillers for application demanding temperatures ranging from + 6 to C to -65 o C. Our Brine Chillers are unbelievably compact and modern. The Use of hermetically sealed compressor form Emerson, Danfoss and Copeland have made our chiller packages highly energy efficient. Further, the use of sophisticated two stage compressors with sub-cooler and related accessories have eased the achievement of temperatures as low as-65 o C. Our chiller packages can be integrated with insulated brine storage tank and re-circulating pump. These chillers find wide application in chemical process plants, anodizing / electroplating plants, laboratory applications, latex cooling etc.

This system offers Water / Brine up to -30°C for process cooling purpose using Screw / Reciprocating type compressors. The capacity ranges from 3TR to 200TR and multiples. The company executed more than 1000 system for process cooling requirement.

Advantage Using National Cooling Tower makes Brine Chilling Plant

  • ● Most economic solution
  • ● Bulk holding tank with immersed cooling coil
  • ● Upgraded technical solution: Shell & Tube type heat exchanging method
  • ● Most advanced solution: Plate-type heat exchangers for evaporators and condensers (water-cooled)
  • ● Compressors of the latest generation technology: scroll, semi-hermetic, hermetic, open, screw or
  • ● Air-cooled or Water-cooled systems
  • ● Heat pump systems
  • ● Unique control, regulation & protection device with microprocessor based digital /analog systems
  • ● Easy achievement of temperatures as low as -50 °C
  • ● Can be provided with insulated brine storage tank & re-circulating pump
  • ● Suitable for applications that demand temperatures ranging from +6°C to -50°
Brine Chiller

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