Pultruded Cooling Tower

Pultruded Cooling Tower

Pultruded Cooling Tower

NATIONAL NPCT Series Counter flow Cooling Towers are field erected , These Heavy Duty Cooling Towers can be designedUp to 18 x 18 meters in Each Cell Type to handle maximum water flow rate of 5000m³/Hr/Cell .

NATIONAL NPCT Cooling Towers Pultruded FRP Structures are completely assembled using SS Bolt Nut Washers . The Pultruded FRP Structure is known as one of the best material of construction for Cooling Towers as it wont Corrode , rust or wrap in harsh environments .

Cooling Tower Features

  • ● PULTRUDED FRP Field Erected Cooling Towers .
  • ● Optimal Thermal Performance Design .
  • ● Heavy Duty Cooling Towers .
  • ● Highly Resistant To Corrosive Environment .
  • ● Low Cost and Faster Construction As Compared to RCC Cooling Tower .
  • ● Designed As per CTI Standards .
  • ● Designed As per Industrial Application.

advantages of FRP Pultruded Cooling Tower

  • ● Ideal For Wet & Dry Operation.
  • ● Lowest Power Consumption.
  • ● Light Weight Design.
  • ● UV Resistant & Non Corrosive
  • ● Maintenance Free
  • ● Longest Life
  • ● Weather Proof Construction
  • ● Performs To Required Specifications

Tower Structure

Each Pultruded FRP member is pre fabricated as per drawings and shipped to site for ready installation. Every Column is anchored to the foundation to obtain highest structural stability. Stainless steel fasteners are used throughout the cooling tower in conjunction with bearing sleeves to minimize fiberglass shear stress in the bolted joints. If any member has to be replaced for any reason, its simple matter of unbolting the structure and adding the new part.

Mechanical Equipment

The high efficient fan consists of multiple, manually adjustable pitch FRP blades attached to a hot dip galvanized steel or S.S.hub with S.S. hardware. The fan assemblies are statically balanced.

The drive shaft is a single piece galvanized steel or stainless steel or of advance composite material design, connected to flexible, self aligning couplings. The drive shafts are dynamically balanced to minimize operating vibrations. Each drive shaft is protected with 2 Nos. shaft guards to restrain the shaft in the event of a coupling failure. Normally, the motor is of the TEFC type with class F insulation, Class B rise, high energy efficient (Eff-1).

Cooling Tower Film Fills

Maximum performance fill designs and non clog designs are available for wide range of thermal and water quality requirements.Our Design Engineers evaluate each cooling tower application to select the best fill system with maximum thermal performance and minimum power consumption .

Generally, the most efficient film fill made of PVC foils glued or buttoned together to form blocks, which are mounted on Pultruded FRP structural members. The fill covers entire internal plan area of the tower.

For poor quality water, splash fills like splash grid, splash bars, trickle fill, turbo splash fill etcare used.

FRP Fan Stack

The aero dynamically designed FRP Fan stack cum recovery cones, are constructed out of heavy ribbed FRP panel segments bolted together. A full radius air inlet bell mouth is provided for smooth air flow into the fan. The recovery cone flare angle is designed for velocity recovery of 75% of the difference in velocity pressure at fan level & exit of recovery cone. The fan stack is designed for a wind load equivalent to the design wind load of the cooling tower.

Water Distribution System FRP Fan Stack

Normally each cell has a FRP header pipe coupled with PVC lateral pipes with non clogging ABS nozzles which distribute water evenly over the entire fill surface. The water distribution system requires very little maintenance and nominal operating pump head.Header pipe and lateral pipes are supported and clamped on pultruded FRP channel supports

Drift Eliminators

Drift eliminations offer the lowest drift rates in the industry with very low pressure drop, reducing fan power requirements,thus saving energy cost.It prevents spray entrainment which reduces carryover losses of water.The eliminator is of rigid P.V.C.

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Pultruded Cooling Tower

Pultruded Cooling Tower

Guaranteed Cooling Performance

We always provide 100% Cooling Performance as per our customers requirement with our NPCT Cooling Tower .